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Lucca is a hospitable, orderly city with excellent cuisine. The two main streets of the city are Via Fillungo and San Paolino, now shopping and sociality streets, which recalculate the Roman decumans.


Piazza dell'Anfiteatro is one of the most beautiful square in Italy and resumes the ancient path of the Roman amphitheater. Access to the square is made of four small doors and this gives it the appearance of "closed square". The intersection point among the 4 doors is indicated by a ceramic tile in the center of the square. The shops, the bars and the weekly market make it the heart of Lucca, a must-have passage and a stop for citizens and tourists.


The Cathedral of the city is dedicated to San Martino. On the polychrome facade inspired by the Duomo of Pisa there is the statue of St. Martin in the act of dividing his mantle with a poor man. The interior has three naves and it retains some extraordinary works of art.


Lucca is referred to as a "city of 100 churches". After the San Martino Cathedral, the two most important churches are San Michele and San Frediano. San Michele is located in the homonymous square where the Roman Forum once stood. It strikes for the tallest facade that overhangs four feet above the roof, and on which stands a Saint Michael the Archangel in the act of killing the Dragon.


You do not realize the majesty of the Lucca walls until you put your foot on it. Impresses the height (12 meters) but also the length of 4 kilometers and the width of 30 meters. The city has transformed this space into a beautiful tree-lined avenue where you can stroll, play sports, organize events, or just enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city's roofs.


There was a time, in the Middle Ages, where in Lucca there were 250 towers! Today there are only two: the Guinigi Tower and the Clock Tower. Guinigi Tower was buil in the XV centuries. It is 45 meters high and on top it has a hanging garden where, for some centuries, beautiful holm oaks grow. Their shade is ideal, especially in summer, to recover from the climb of the 230 steps. The Clock Tower is an irresistible appeal for all European lovers of time-measuring mechanisms: installed in 1754 on a pre-existing watch, it still works today with manual charge and has the mechanism at sight. Again in this case you get there after 207 wooden steps and the view is spectacular, also because it is the tower is even higher than that of the Guinigi.


Piazza Napoleone (Napoleon square) is the largest square in Lucca and stands where the Ducal Palace is located. Today the Ducal Palace hosts the Province of Lucca and the square is a place with shops, bars, restaurants and it is a meeting place.


One of the most characteristic local products of the city is the famous buccellato, the bread with raisins. Ideal for a snack while visiting the city.


Pinocchio Park

In Collodi, a small town a few kilometers from Pistoia, you can visit the original Pinocchio Park. The park is not the usual amusement park but is designed as a theme park for the education of children, a place where you have the feeling of living in a fairy tale. It is completely an open air park. Walking inside we find the main protagonists of the story: Pinocchio, the Fairy, the Cat and the Fox and many other characters, allow visitors to retrace some of the most significant episodes of the story. Here you can walk through the great bronze sculptures and various works by artists who have worked for the park since 1956, the year of the opening of the garden. It is very nice also the little maze in ivy. Dedicated only to children, we find also the classic rides horses, workshops by staff, the little puppet theater, the cable car, the castle of ropes, a giant chessboard and other games scattered in the garden. Inside the park there is a bar and a small picnic area.




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