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Emilia-Romagna as you didn't know it, let us introduce you: Bellaria-Igea Marina When we think of summer, the sea and sunbathing, the beautiful Emilia-Romagna immediately springs to mind. Rimini and Riccione are the most popular destinations, as they are the ones that manage to provide plenty of entertainment and beaches with some of the best sand. However, dwelling exclusively on these resorts, which over the years have earned the name 'tourist destination', is not good for tourism in general. In fact, today we are talking about a resort in Emilia-Romagna, namely: Bellaria-Igea Marina. It is a Romagna municipality, tidy, clean, with excellent beaches and many recreational activities to enjoy in the warmer months, as well as having splendid holiday homes in Emilia-Romagna. Where is Bellaria-Igea Marina? The town is located almost on the border with the Marche region. It can therefore count on an environmental territory that combines sea and mountains. Curiosities and more Visiting a place is certainly beautiful, but let us think about getting to know it on paper. Let us open the discourse on Bellaria-Igea Marina by starting with its name. Here there is a curiosity that really needs pointing out. The name 'Bellaria' appears in a document dating back to 1300. Before this discovery, there was no actual town, but a fortification belonging to the church of Santa Margherita. Since, however, the area was very beautiful, it had a 'Bellaria' and was called this by the family but the head in the document we mentioned earlier. It was only later that this locality became a fishing village. There was thus an early colony located at the mouth of the Uso river. So much so that the old part of the town is precisely a fishing village. Holiday homes in emilia romagna can be booked and rented here. Since we are talking about a fishing village, which today has become a splendid tourist resort, we must absolutely talk about the restaurants and the typical dish of Bellaria-Igea Marina, namely: brodetto. This is a fish soup, to be ordered by reservation, with local fish. The secret is the cooking and some vegetables mixed in. Holidays in Bellaria-Igea Marina Those who want to book a holiday home in Emilia Romagna, specifically in Bellaria-Igea Marina, will ask themselves: why do it? Indeed, what is there to do in Bellaria-Igea Marina? The answer lies directly with the tourists who have discovered this place for the first time. In summer you can count on beautiful beaches and, at the same time, a particularly temperate climate. The area is complete with green lungs, natural parks and a Mediterranean maquis that is a protected area. There are therefore many places of natural interest that can be exploited to the full for trekking, hiking, nature visits and camping. However, all this 'green' allows for a very pleasant climate. Since there is also the mouth of the Uso river, you have a more pleasant climate. For lovers of sporting activities, there is a splendid bicycle and pedestrian path that runs along the banks of the Uso River, over 6 km long, until it reaches its mouth, and then it is possible to go along the seafront. In addition, the cycle path branches off into woods where there are oaks, white poplars and willows in addition to the classic Mediterranean pines. Besides this, what is there to do in Bellaria-Igea Marina? Indeed: what is there to visit and what is there to do in Bellaria-Igea Marina? The monuments that can be visited are: - Casa Rossa, home of the writer Alfredo Panzini - Saracen Tower - Mulberry Park - church of Santa Margherita - Benelli Castle - Bellaria kiln shell museum - Pavese Park And what exactly is there to do in Bellaria-Igea Marina? Every year there is a film exhibition that is becoming of national interest. Of course there are also exhibitions that take place in the open air in the main square.