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Pearl-white beaches, blue lagoons and the mighty Gennargentu Mountains in the island's interior - Sardinia is a sun-drenched paradise in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The second-largest Mediterranean island has a scenic diversity to offer that is reminiscent of a continent in miniature. The waves gently roll out on white sand and dark pebble beaches. The scent of pine nuts lingers in the air, and on the horizon the azure border between sky and sea runs smoothly. Anyone who owns a property on Sardinia can enjoy the play of colours of nature, the interplay of light and shade and the beguiling fragrances to the full every day. Caribbean flair on Sardinia's coasts The coasts of Sardinia are characterised by an immense variety of landscapes. The white beaches on the Costa Rei are reminiscent of the Caribbean. They are interrupted at irregular intervals by angular granite rocks. Hidden coves, often only accessible by foot along stony paths, lie surrounded by sheer cliffs on the emerald-green sea. On the Costa Verde in the southwest of the Mediterranean island, sea turtles come every year to lay their eggs. Costa Smeralda: meeting place of the international jet set During the summer months, the Costa Smeralda is the centre of the island's sophisticated life. Luxurious hotels and apartment complexes line this stretch of coast. The range of holiday homes on offer in Sardinia in this region is correspondingly large. In the marinas, sinfully expensive sailing and motor boats rock on the waves. This is where the rich and famous from the world of film and entertainment meet in the summer months. The prospects of meeting a Hollywood star, a professional footballer or a business boss are not bad on the Costa Smeralda. No wonder that the prices for real estate in Italy are among the highest in this coastal region. Sardinia's charming towns Olbia and Cagliari are vibrant cities in Sardinia. The island's international airports are located here and huge cruise ships dock in the ports. Olbia lies on the north coast and is the perfect starting point for a boat trip to the idyllic La Maddalena archipelago. Southwest of the island's capital Cagliari lies the large Chia Lagoon. There, pink flamingos stalk through the shallow water in search of crabs. In the coastal town of Alghero, take a trip back to the Middle Ages. Because of its Spanish past, the town is called "Little Barcelona". Thick bastion walls enclose the town and the winding alleys are bustling with activity in the summer months. Coastal towns such as Orosei, Porto Torres and Arbatax welcome you with their original charm. The red rocks in the small harbour town of Arbatax are legendary. With their striking colouring, they form a breathtaking contrast to the azure sky and the deep blue sea. Diving, hiking and surfing in Sardinia Sardinia is not only a bathing island. A first-class surfing and sailing area extends near Porto Pollo on the north coast. The strait between Sardinia and Corsica, known as the Strait of Bonifacio, acts like a nozzle and regularly freshens the wind. Amateur divers get their money's worth at Capo Spartivento and in the waters around Villasimius. In addition to colourful schools of fish, centuries-old shipwrecks attract a lot of attention. In the interior of the island, the mountains of the Gennargentu range, up to 1,800 m high, are a great attraction for hikers and mountain bikers. Ancient shepherds' paths wind through the mountain world, offering views of the glittering waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea time and again.