Terms and Conditions


The property details of Italica eK are based on the information provided by the property provider. Italica can therefore not vouch for the accuracy and completeness of this property information. Any claims for damages are excluded, unless they are demonstrably based on deliberate or grossly negligent behavior on the part of Italica.

Italica expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer or to temporarily or permanently cease publication without prior notice.

This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the website. If parts or individual formulations of this text should not, no longer or not completely correspond to the applicable legal situation, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and validity.


Terms of Service

  1. The broker undertakes to fulfill the assigned tasks with the care of a prudent entrepreneur and to process them professionally. The client informs the broker of his ideas about the property sought and informs him accordingly if the broker does not need to take any further action.
  2. The broker receives a commission for the proof or the brokerage plus the applicable VAT. The amount of the commission is shown in the concrete offer.
  3. The commission is earned upon conclusion of the contract and is payable immediately. The same applies to the conclusion of the main contract with a different content if the economic identity of the contract is preserved. If the commission is not paid in time, the customer shall pay default interest of 5% above the base rate, but at least 9%. The customer reserves the right to provide evidence that damage has not occurred or has not occurred to this extent.
  4. If the client is already aware of the offer, he is obliged to notify the broker in writing immediately and at the latest within one week after receiving the information and in any case before the first viewing date and to name the source. If the client does not disclose his previous knowledge or does not communicate it in good time, he is liable for the resulting damage to the broker.
  5. The client is obliged to inform the broker immediately in writing of the conclusion of the main contract and to inform the actual amount of the purchase price.
  6. All information communicated to the client is confidential and intended for the client personally. The client is not permitted to pass this information on to third parties. Otherwise, he is liable - in addition to other possible claims for damages - in the event of the contract being concluded by the third party at least in the amount of the lost commission. If, based on the disclosure of the information, a main contract is concluded with a family member, an affiliated company or a company in which the client is involved, the client is further obliged to pay the commission.
  7. The broker's property details in exposés, brochures or the like are based on the information provided by the property provider. The broker can therefore not vouch for the accuracy and completeness of this property information. Any claims for damages against the broker are excluded, unless they are based on willful or grossly negligent behavior. The limitation period for claiming damages is three years.
  8. The broker is also allowed to work for the other part of the contract subject to commission.
  9. Deviations or additions to these terms and conditions must be agreed in writing.
  10. Passau is the place of fulfillment and jurisdiction for brokerage contracts with business people.