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Basilicata - Italy's Mediterranean South In the extreme south of the Italian mainland lies Basilicata, a region that welcomes its visitors with the charm of Mediterranean landscapes. It lies between the "tip of the boot" and the "heel of the boot" and has a short stretch of coastline on the Ionian Sea. Basilicata covers an area of about 10,000 km² and borders on Campania, Puglia and Calabria. Far away from mass tourism, the region has preserved its original face until today. If you are looking for a property in Italy, you will find it in cities like Matera and Potenza as well as in many small villages. Basilicata: Region with undiscovered landscape pearls Basilicata in southern Italy has so far remained untouched by mass tourism. There are no congested roads like on the Amalfi Coast, no crowded beaches like on the Upper Adriatic and no noisy tourist groups like in Rome. If you are looking for the original, unspoilt Italy, Basilicata is the place to be. The landscape is dominated by green hills and mountain ranges. As Basilicata is part of the Apennine mountain range, earthquakes occasionally occur due to plate tectonics. At Maratea, there is a 32 km stretch of coastline on the Ionian Sea. In the crystal-clear water you can go exploring and observe colourful schools of fish while diving or snorkelling. In the mountains, rafting tours are offered on some rivers. An almost untouched natural landscape extends around the two lakes of Monticchio. They are embedded in a Mediterranean mountain landscape at the foot of Monte Vulture. Matera and the Pollino National Park One of the most famous sights of Basilicata is the city of Matera, also known as the "city of stones". The city is famous for its Sassi cave dwellings, which date back to the 9th century and are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has been used as a backdrop for many film productions, including "The Passion of the Christ" by Mel Gibson. Another remarkable destination in Basilicata is the Pollino National Park, which covers an area of more than 1,800 km². The park offers a breathtaking landscape of mountains, forests and rivers, as well as wildlife rich in species, including brown bears, wolves and golden eagles. Culinary specialities Basilicata cuisine is famous for its simple but tasty dishes based on local ingredients. One of the most famous specialities is the bread of Matera, which is made from a natural sourdough and has a unique taste. Another well-known dish of the region is pasta alla Potentina, which consists of pasta, tomato sauce, sausage and ricotta cheese. Other local specialities are made from lamb, beef, goat cheese and with olive oil.