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Piedmont, beautiful places and what not to miss Why should we visit Piedmont? It is certainly not a region renowned for its tourist activity. In the sense that, if we go to make a list of the regions that are among the most visited in summer, we find southern Italy and part of northern Italy on the Adriatic coast. Instead, also thanks to the holiday bloggers, Piedmont is being discovered from a different perspective. In fact, it is a region rich in history. A history that is not so far away and that is very fascinating. So take a few days off and consider which Piedmont itinerary is best for you. Where to start visiting Piedmont? Any route you take must have a beginning. So Piedmont, the beautiful region that is one of the largest in Italy, we start visiting from its capital: Turin! A very large city in terms of territory. Dotted with buildings that are huge, imposing. Rich in attractions starting with museums and ending with squares, churches and even historic cafés. A visit to the Mole Antonelliana is a must, followed by a tour inside the Egyptian museum. There are not many in Italy and this one in Turin is among the most well-stocked. Fascinating and rich in exhibits. Then there is the shroud chapel and the medieval village of Valentino. The latter is a very green area, with a whole forest is a huge park. There are the royal museums also complete with indoor gardens. There is the church of the Consolata, which literally leaves you speechless with its unique interior of frescoes, marbles and various compositions. Among the things you love about Turin are the historical cafés where you can breathe in the air of the early 20th century. Then we can continue with: - Basilica of Superga - Piazza Castello - Cathedral of Turin - Madama Palace - Villa della Regina - Covered Galleries of Turin (where to go shopping) But let us not stop at Turin alone. Piedmont is really big and so among the unique beauties is the: sacra di San Michele. It is an area with guest quarters where there is a huge, gigantic building. A monastery with a beautiful tower. Think that it is among the most mysterious and magical areas of Piedmont. Think that this area was considered, in ancient times, the seat of the famous: white magic. Remaining on the theme of 'monasteries', let us then talk about a splendid sanctuary, which stands on the sacred Mount of Oropa, which is a Unesco heritage site. Scenes from 'Game of Thrones For lovers of fantasy, of the mystery of the past, well, you should know that Piedmont itself will provide you with fairy-tale or, better still, fantasy-style scenery. Forte di Fenestrelle is a town that clings to a mountain side. Here there is a five-kilometre-long Piedmontese wall with several forts and dungeons. We then continue with the Borromean Islands, which are also spectacular, almost seeming unreal in their beauty. They are located in Lake Maggiore and can be visited all year round. If you want to get a greater adrenalin rush then you should visit the ducal castle of Aglié. Apart from being a very large and special structure, it also has historical legends about ghosts circulating inside the castle and in its park. We conclude with tours of the: 7 pearls of Piedmont. That is, the most beautiful villages in Italy that belong to this region. We therefore find: - Orta San Giulio, where there is a small island in the lake. The whole area in question has preserved its mediaeval origins, with villages and small lanes and an enchanting landscape - Usseaux with the presence of the Orsiera Natural Park - Ostana - Neive - Garessio - Ricetto of Candelo - Vogogna With this we have completed our tour of Piedmont, in its medieval history and beautiful villages.