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Apulia - Region between "heel of the boot" and "spur". Puglia is the most southeastern region of Italy. It stretches along the heel of the Italian boot on the Adriatic Sea and reaches as far north as the Gargano peninsula. The latter juts out about 50 km into the sea and is popularly known as the "spur of the boot". Puglia is a wine region with an 800 km coastline. The cobalt blue waters of the Adriatic glitter and sparkle like millions of diamonds in the bright sunlight. White sandy beaches alternate with rugged cliffs, some of which are overgrown with Mediterranean scrub. Apulia: Kissed by the Sun Puglia is one of the sunniest regions in Italy. Between May and October there is hardly any rainfall. Only occasionally does a strong summer thunderstorm provide temporary cooling. This benefits bathers who plunge into the water of the Adriatic, which can be up to 26 degrees. Puglia is a region full of contrasts. The rocky Gargano peninsula with its grottos, holm oak forests and hidden bathing bays has been declared a national park. In the south, dead-straight country roads lead past vineyards, tomato fields and olive groves. At the southernmost point of the "boot heel" is the coastal town of Otranto, surrounded by beautiful sandy beaches inviting you to take a dip in the Ionian Sea. Alberobello - Village of the Trulli Puglia has a whole range of scenic and architectural highlights to offer, including the most curious properties in Italy. They bear the memorable name Trulli, are located in the village of Alberobello and are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are circular houses made of dry stone masonry whose distinctive feature is the conical roofs. The round houses are somewhat reminiscent of the Smurfs' lodgings in Smurf's House or the Hobbit dwellings from Tolkien's masterpiece "Lord of the Rings". The trulli were built from the 17th century onwards. Today they are a tourist attraction and a magical centre of attraction for thousands of holidaymakers who have rented a holiday home in Puglia. Lively towns on the "heel of the boot In Puglia, lively cities with an ancient historical heritage invite you to visit. The capital of the region is Bari. More than 70,000 students provide a youthful flair in the university city. The port city of Brindisi was founded by the Romans, whose traces are still preserved throughout the city. Later came the Byzantines and after them the Normans. The city of Lecce is known as the "Florence of the South". The city centre is lined with magnificent Baroque and Renaissance palaces. Polignano a Mare welcomes you with an extraordinary ambience. The coastal town is located about 35 km south of Bari and was built on light limestone cliffs. Countless caves and grottos have been washed out of the rock by the surf and the houses seem to grow directly out of the rock Isole Tremiti - Dream Islands in the Adriatic Sea Around 25 km north of the Gargano peninsula lies the Isola Tremiti group of islands in the Adriatic Sea. It consists of five idyllic islands, only two of which are permanently inhabited. Pine trees and green macchia grow wild on the rocky cliffs by the sea. There is a helipad on the island of San Nicola. Since 1989, the archipelago has been designated a marine protected area. It is a paradise for amateur divers who come across colourful schools of fish on the steep rocky cliffs. In summer, ferries shuttle between Isola Tremiti and the coastal towns of Peschici, Vieste and Rodi Garganico.