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The Italian Riviera is full of romantic cities nestled on the coast. There you can marvel at one of the world's most beautiful coastal landscapes: the Cinque Terre

Impressive cliffs with Mediterranean flair rise out of the sea. Around you greet pastel colored houses waiting to be explored. The Cinque landscape was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998. If you are visiting the Cinque Terre you should allow yourself as much time and rest as you need. This is the only way to get to know the charm of the colorful houses and their inhabitants in all their glory.

Typical souvenirs from the Cinque Terre

No matter where the path leads you through the Cinque Terre, you will encounter small shops. There you can buy typical Cinque Terre products, such as the Cinque Tere wine, Sciacchetrá the dessert wine, anchovies and of course the world-famous Ligurian pesto.

The five villages of the Cinque Terre

You will especially be captivated by the following five villages:

Riomaggiore - romance is in the air

Those who come to Riomaggiore will be overwhelmed by the romance that can be felt in many places. It is the result of years of hard work and willingness to survive on the part of the inhabitants. They created 1000 kilometers of stone walls to gain land from the mountains. Land where they cultivate the highly praised Cinque Terre wine today.

Manarola - Ligurian idyll paired with Gothic influence

Manarola consists only of a small bay and a hill that protrudes into the sea. After the city of Corniglia, Manarola with only 350 inhabitants is the second smallest village in the Cinque Terre National Park. The 14th century Gothic church of San Lorenzo is particularly worth seeing. Head to the waterfront or busy main street to see the Ligurian idyll with fishing boats and other memorabilia from the past.

Corniglia - a pearl on a rock

From the sea, the village of Corniglia appears like a pearl on a rock. There you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea and the other four villages of the Cinque Terre on a terrace. Corniglia is about 100 m above sea level and has about 200 inhabitants.

Vernazza - the most beautiful village in the Cinque Terre

With only 950 inhabitants and a picturesque location, Vernazza has become the most beautiful village in the Cinque Terre. If you reach Vernazza on the cliff path from Monterosso, you can enjoy a spectacular view over the Cinque Terre. Stroll through the town center, it looks small at first glance, but very lively with small restaurants and cafés.

Monterosso al mare - A place for active vacationers

Due to its mild climate and clean air, Monterosso al Mare is a real tourist magnet at all times. Recreation seekers in particular come there for an active vacation. This is because Monterosso al Mare is blessed with a beach and crystal clear water. A wonderful combination to let your mind wander on hikes and Mediterranean food.

A hike through Italy's most beautiful coastal landscape

The most impressive way to explore the Cinque Terre landscape is via the Cinque Terre coastal hiking trail. It is one of the most famous Italian hiking trails. The footpath connects all five villages from Riomaggiore to Monterosso.

Hiking trails with different levels of difficulty

On your hiking trail you walk on narrow paths through olive and wine slopes. The coastal hiking trail may only be 15 kilometers long. However, this route is characterized by sometimes considerable differences in altitude. The paths between Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso are particularly challenging, so that a minimum of endurance and sure-footedness is an advantage. The Via dell Amore footpath between Riomaggiore and Manarola appears less strenuous. This can be seen as a boulevard and is very crowded in summer.

Sturdy shoes are mandatory

You cannot avoid wearing sturdy shoes, not even in summer. In the meantime, sturdy footwear is mandatory and will be punished with high penalties if you do not observe it.

Best time to go to the Cinque Terre

The pictorial beauty of the Cinque Terre is fascinating in every season. While the sea welcomes you with a cozy warmth until October, you can enjoy pleasant conditions for a tour of discovery when you arrive in the low season. The Cinque Terre is chosen by many travelers to Italy as a small stopover over several days. It is really relaxing when you stay in Vernazza on the beach. If you follow the twittering of birds and the sound of the sea with a glass of wine.

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