Flat in Manarola - Cinque Terre Liguria, 5 Terre, La Spezia
450.000 € + 3.66% incl. VAT

The Cinque ( 5) Terre are part of the National Natural Park and were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997. Over 18km of rocky coastline with coves and hills covered with vines and olive trees form 5 villages - Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. They are difficult to reach, a train runs along the coast, parking is available above the villages, then it's downhill on foot (possibly with a small bus). There are hiking trails everywhere for good hikers, some of which connect the villages. The typical Ligurian houses brace the cliffs in their pastel colours and attract international tourists all year round. Many of the picturesque cottages have been renovated and are available for rent. We now offer some of them, which can serve as holiday domicile as well as investment and business. Locally you can find agencies or private people who take care of rentals.

The flat is located in a small street directly above the cliff (accessible via a stone staircase). On the cliff, countless houses stand glued to each other as if by swallows. The flat is on two levels and has a small garden and terrace with a wow sea panorama. You can see the sea all the way to the horizon, you can smell it, you can smell it.

From the stone stairs you reach the small garden, here is a terrace above the sea, in front of it a natural green pergola with a dining table. From the garden you reach the double bedroom with shower on the same level, to the first floor an external staircase leads up from the garden, where there is a small kitchen with dining table - in front of it terrace also with table and - incredible panorama. Please have a look at the pictures, also the one with the view downwards.

  • Region Liguria
  • Type Flat
  • Condition Restored
  • Plot30 m2
  • Living Area36 m2
  • Location La Spezia
  • Destination 5 Terre
  • Terrace
  • Seaview
  • Fencing
  • Garden
  • Near to sea

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Between the Côte d'Azur in the west and Tuscany in the east, Liguria is a magical coastal region in Italy. The third smallest region in the country, Liguria is actually just a narrow coastal strip with the port city of Genoa in the middle. To the west of it stretches the Riviera di Ponente, to the east the Riviera di Levante. In a very small area, you will find everything your heart desires in Liguria: beaches, steep cliffs, picturesque fishing villages and the Ligurian Maritime Alps. "Mare e Monti" - sea and mountains. The extraordinary topography makes the coastal strip so unique. Snorkelling, hang-gliding, whale watching, free climbing: in Liguria the spectrum of leisure activities ranges from extreme sports to sunbathing. 300 kilometres of coastline on the Ligurian Sea The rows of sun loungers and parasols on the beaches of Pietra Ligure, Finale Ligure and Diano Marina are perfectly aligned. In Liguria, it is not the wide sandy beaches like on the Adriatic that invite you to spend a day at the beach, but manageable beaches in picturesque bays. Numerous properties in Liguria offer a fantastic sea view and score points with a top location on the mountainside. Between the coastal town of Ventimiglia on the border to France and Imperia lies the Riviera of Flowers with its numerous beaches and rocky coves. A completely different picture awaits you on the Riviera di Levante, which stretches between Genoa and the port city of La Spezia. Dark cliffs rise steeply from the Ligurian Sea in many places. Northwest of La Spezia, a very special highlight awaits you. Five picturesque fishing villages perch on the steep cliffs by the sea, the Cinque Terre. The houses with their burgundy, sunny yellow and sand-coloured façades seem to be stacked on top of each other.