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Small collection of very luxury italian properties is visible on

A codice fiscale is your own personal ID and tax code. You need one for day-to-day tasks such as opening a bank account, buying a property, connecting utilities etc. You can apply for one at any Italian tax office or ask our agency to do it for you.

For the buying procedure you need a Italian account. To open one you need a Italian fiscal number. Italica can help you to obtain one and open a account.

Is not different as in other countries. Take your time. What are you looking for. Region? Habitable or restoration, single house or residence, country side or near to the beach? Do you like to locate permanently? Retirement? Do you like to rent out your house? Any of this question is important for your next research. You can take look alone or you contact some real estate agency. After your buying decision –you can – but you must not – sign the preliminary contract and pay agreed deposit. You need a “geometra” conveyancer/technical adviser and his report for notary´s Contract. You will probably need translator and for the contract 2 – translator and one other person speaking bot languages.

Property tax, condominium, utilities, waste charge, TV, insurance

a private individual; - a company, but not the "building company" - The "building" company (or that has renovated the property), doing the work ended over 4 years ago; then the taxes payable are: - Register tax 7% - 2% mortgage tax - cadastral tax 1% - Is the seller: - the "building" company (or that has renovated the property) and the sale takes place within a period of 4 years after completion of the work, then the taxes payable are: - VAT 10% (or 20% for luxury buildings) - Register tax 168.00 euros = fixed amount - Mortgage tax 168.00 euros = fixed amount - Cadastral tax 168.00 euros = fixed amount The notary pays the taxes upon registration of the contract.

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